Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and our answers

Are You Really a Family Owned Company?


Cobex Construction Group has three owners, each bringing their family members into the Company. Wether it be a brother handling the coating, a father installing kitchens, a father managing the painting or a the wife doing the accounting. At the end of the day, everyone that works at Cobex is considered family. Cobex is proud to have the unique position of supporting our local Sacramento community and all the families involved.

Is Quality Guaranteed?

Of course! 

Our team try’s its best to give you the best experience possible. “Do It Once. Do It Right” was chosen as our motto for a reason. There are production managers in place to ensure all the projects get installed with as little resistance and problems as possible.  However at the end of the day not everyone is perfect and for any reason something isn’t satisfying, we will investigate your concerns and help you as much as we can.

Are there more reference pictures I can look at?


You can follow our Facebook and Instagram page for constant photos of our work! Even though the website might not always be updated with new content, our Socials are constantly being updated with helpful advice and project insight. 

Are the Estimates Always Free?

For the Most part. 

Estimates are free for 99% of our products and services . The only times a fee would be charged is for consulting and providing the plans on a room addition or for a custom home. Also for any estimates that are further away and outside of our usual 50 mile radius.  


Are you Licensed, Bonded and Insured?


Just Kidding! Cobex is indeed a Licensed General Contractor and is Bonded and Insured. We offer liability Insurance of up to 2 million dollars. We also offer workers comp for all of our workers.

What is the best part about being in the Home Improvement Industry?


Being in the home improvement industry allows us to set the standard of what people should expect from contractors. There are a lot of liars and deceitful companies in our field,  we plan on destroying that negative connotation and building a new brand that people can trust

Are the website photos online stock photos?

Definitely not. 

99% of all of our photos on the website are our own photos taken by our in-house media team. From the custom homes to the roofs and paint it’s all in-house productions.